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BPCE in a few figures
  • 31.2 million customers
    31.2 million customers
  • 9 million shareholders
    9 million shareholders
  • 8000 bank agencies
    8000 bank agencies

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  1. Several business opportunities We believe APIs will shape the future of banking
  1. Your custom products Tailor-made solutions adapted to your sector of activity
  1. A sandbox environment The possibility to try our APIs on a Sandbox environment
  1. Complete documentation Detailed documentation to easily use our APIs

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  • PSD2 Registration

    Discover the REGISTER API which allows you to register (or modify) external consuming applications which will use PSD2 API resources.

  • Accès aux comptes

    Explore our API products allowing the collection of consented information from our users’ accounts in complete security.

  • Paiement

    Find the list of payment API products that are distinguished by ease of integration and data security.

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